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President Obama and Congress reach a deal to extend Middle-Class Tax Cuts to those earning $450,000 dollars or less, which will benefit 98 percent of small business owners.

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Nelson Mandela... Thank You!

by Donald Frye on 12/06/13

The world's light is shining just a little bit dimmer as we say goodbye to Nelson Mandela, who quietly passed away with family by his side. 

To live and not know the contributions to the world that former South African President Nelson Mandela gifted us with, would mean that you missed an opportunity to be blessed by his presence on earth. There are few times in our lives that we actually witness divinity. Nelson Mandela possessed that divinity. 

After fighting for the oppressed in South Africa against a brutal Apartheid Regime, Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years before being released and going on to become South Africa's first Black President in 1994. Not only did Mandela forgive his oppressors, but fought for their equality along with the fight for blacks in South Africa. The unwavering love for country and fellow man was the cornerstone of what made this man so great.

My life has been touched by the knowledge that there is within all of us, the ability to forgive and continually show love for all people, regardless of race. I have been inspired by his spirit and will forever be grateful that I lived during this period of enlightenment. 

Thank you Mr. Mandela for all you represented. Thank you Mr. Mandela that God gave you to the world. And, thank you Mr. Mandela that the world is a better place because you lived!

Government Shutdown

by Donald Frye on 10/01/13

John Boehner and the Tea Party Republicans have gotten their wish of the past couple of years, and shut down the US Government for the first time in 17 years. And by the way, it was Republicans who had the Government shut down under President Bill Clinton, those 17 years ago. It appears to me that the Republican Party is in disarray and have no clear leader with no clear direction on what they stand for.

It is the height of insanity and insensitivity toward the American people by some Republicans  in The House of Representatives, lead by Speaker John Boehner, who has been ruled irrelevant by his own party. Speaker Boehner does not have enough control of his party to say "No" and at this most volatile time in our history, stand up and do what is right for the American people.

On what should be a very proud day for tens of millions of people across the country, who could finally begin signing up for health care under the Affordable Care Act, Republicans in the House, led by Ted Cruz and the Tea Party wing of the House, instead, chose to shut down the government. Which, by the way, had no effect on the Health Care Law, which was approved by both houses of Congress, signed into law by the President, and validated by The Supreme Court. The law was also re-validated with the re-election of President Obama by a majority of the American people. To attach defunding of the ACA to the CR was a battle that did not need to be waged.

As I stated in "Changing Guard of American Politics," in so many words, when a government can no longer function to the benefit of the people they were sworn to serve, then that government is broken... and we now sit in that proof that our government, or a part of our government is broken. Does the hatred for this president run so deep within the hearts of bigots and racists within our government that they would continue to act with such disregard toward the poor and middle class in this country? It is absurd to allow this kind of governing to continue within the United States of America. We must stop electing incompetence going forward, which means, take names and notes and vote your interest in the mid-term elections.

We are better than what is being represented in Congress. It is simply a disgrace for simple legislation to take the country to the brink every time there needs to be a simple vote to keep moving forward. Republicans tout that they are the party of little to no government and deficit reduction remains a high priority for them, but, do everything they can to created turmoil and run the economy into the ground. This shut down of the government if it continues will cost the country upwards of 150 million dollars a day, which will add tremendously to the deficit... where is the logic?

Say hello to the results of the hidden factor in all of this... the Supreme Court decision of "Citizens United." As long as politicians in Washington feel no obligation to the average American citizen, but are subsidized by Big Pharma, Big Business, Big Oil and individuals like the Koch Brothers, then, we are in for a long ride in this country. And unfortunately, that ride is in a stage coach riding over unevenly laid stone. This does not have to be, nor does it have to continue as long as we still have the right to vote in this country and let our voices be heard and our voting results be felt!


Trump vs. Sanity

by Donald Frye on 08/14/13

Donald Trump is at it again, using the media as a violin to stay relevant. Trump is still obsessed with the spotlight and staying in the coo coo club for still questioning the President's birth country. The birther issue has become Trump's calling card, but stupid is as stupid does. While the country tries to maintain slow but steady progress toward rebuilding after the great recession, it does no one any good to continue beating old drums. Yes, Donald Trump and cohorts, President Obama won a second term... get over it!

The media has a role to play in not giving air time to such proven divisive issues, and regardless of who it is, should be a little more concerned with helping to improve the public's knowledge of truth and not rhetoric. 

Trayvon Martin Verdict

by Donald Frye on 07/24/13

America has gone through many challenges and changes to move forward as a powerful nation, where life and the ability to maintain a decent life has been valued. Unfortunately for Black America, those liberties continue to be tested as to validity, and the struggle to belong is ongoing. After the first term election of Barack Obama to the Presidency of the United States, many across the country beckoned the question if we as a nation had gone beyond racism. Well, that question and many more were answered very early on in the President's first term, as racism in the country resurfaced to levels not seen in decades. Defiant members in the Republican Party and even some in the Democrat Party began to put up roadblocks to any initiative presented by the President. The realization of a black president was more than some could take, as they ratcheted up coalitions to defy any attempts by President Obama to move the country out of a near depression, and back to a state of progression.

Any attempt to build upon the energy and enthusiasm the country felt in late 2008 for moving forward was met with partisanship and some even questioning the President's legitimacy and citizenship. These were tactics to discredit the President and ensure enough side shows to distract from getting on to the business of recovery. Had racism taken a back burner, or had the election reignited old flames that were always simmering. 
The attempts today to roll-back and reverse voting rights for minorities has taken center stage and threaten to derail the progress that we as a nation have fought so hard to gain. Women's reproductive rights have been attacked over the past several years and shows no sign of easing anytime soon. As well, gun laws are introduced daily that threaten every law abiding citizen in the country by way of "Stand Your Ground." 
The recent murder of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman should have been a wakeup call for the entire country. But, instead, the "Not Guilty" verdict for Zimmerman only highlighted the racial divide that exists in this country. It sends a message that the value placed upon young black men in this country is not equal to that of others. This law gives ordinary citizens the ability to shoot and kill another human being, and claim self defense, which is a license to do more harm than good. Regardless of education or status in this country, black men are still profiled and targeted as criminals, without the benefit of even the law protecting them. President Obama, in a surprising appearance in the press room, echoed what many other black men in this country have been saying for years. That the environment created for blacks in this country is unfair and unjust. In so many words, the President spoke of his own experiences with car doors being locked when he walked by, of white women in elevators clutching their purse and holding their breath until they exited. I too have experienced those things.
I know first hand, the embarrassment that most Americans feel, both black and white, hispanic and asian toward the mountainous setbacks that continue to present themselves in the wake of a divided Congress, a partisan Supreme Court and Republican Governors across the nation who continue pushing laws that are detrimental to the progress of this nation. These actions continue to put a divide between the people of this nation, and create undue stress upon those who want nothing more than be given a chance to work and succeed in this land of plenty.
So, shame upon those who continue to perpetuate racism and division. And, shame upon the laws in Florida, that allowed for Trayvon Martin to die at the hands of a racist wannabe cop, protected by a system of injustice in that state. The good in America must not allow the bad to thwart the efforts of remaining the greatest nation on earth. Let's work together to right these wrongs!

Year in Review 2012!

by Donald Frye on 12/31/12

As the final minutes tick down to close out 2012, it bears remembering what is being left behind. On the brink of welcoming in 2013, we say goodbye to one of the most divisive and hate filled Presidential campaigns in memory. President Barack Obama won re-election for a second term in what was a hard fought battle, where corporate money flooded campaigns across the nation.

We are facing a "fiscal cliff" that kicks in at midnight on December 31st, if an agreement is not met between the two leading parties. If no legislation is passed to avoid the cliff, it threatens to put the country back into recession. And mind you, this is something that doesn't have to be. Partisan bickering and a no compromising mindset has led to a 9% approval rating for congress, the worst in America's history. 

I am fighting to find something kind to say about 2012, but any highlights in my personal life have been outweighed by personal heartbreak along with the disappointment of seeing such suffering across the country for so many people. At a time when America should be embracing change and unification to help restore progress for the country, are we finding ourselves escaping a return recession and trying to find sensible leadership in Washington. I welcome in 2013 and hope that it will bring peace and happiness back to our nation. And hopefully Prosperity will be it's guiding light!

At Ebon, we take pride in providing fun and professional service with quality results. 

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Donald Frye, owner of Ebon Entertainment, has for over twenty-five years traveled the world working with class leading companies and individuals who've help shape policies and conditions that affect world economies. His experiences have given rise to a new outlook on the political landscape of America, and led to his book "Changing Guard of American Politics", which takes a look at the frustrations felt by the average citizen toward it's broken government.
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